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An incurable doodler all her life, one day those damn doodles refused to be doodles anymore.

One day, a Dutch sea captain’s daughter landed in the middle of Mexico, picked up a brush and a can of black house paint and turned her world upside down. An incurable doodler all her life, those damn doodles refused to be doodles anymore.


The scale of her work grew big, bold and impulsive. It kicked off in a studio in San Miguel de Allende, exploded floor to ceiling in Brooklyn, and then in Sydney burst across murals, gallery windows, home furnishing, upholstery and wall coverings.


She had her first successful exhibition at the Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney in 2015. A year later, Van was invited to be part of a group show at Galeria Manuk in San Miguel de Allende. This summer, a Black Line Crazy art installation is going to be unveiled in New York City (announcing details soon).

Her exuberance as a design thinker has always taken center stage. For 25+ years, Van was creative director of her own award-winning branding agency with offices in New York and Sydney, working with Fortune 500 clients. With Black Line Crazy, she relishes walking outside the line, and this is her invitation to walk outside the line with her.

Currently in Mexico, she’s launching her first Black Line Crazy Limited Edition Collection. Each piece, from designer totes to a Wool Collection, is based on an original signed painting.

Once the limited edition pieces are sold, you become a collector along with the rest of the #blacklinecrazy tribe. #BOOM!

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