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Featured Speaker, ALI BROWN



Are you monitoring the pulse of

your own brand?


Because whether you know it or not, your
brand pulse is giving out important clues about you,
your business and your world 24/7.







  • Time Warner Cable: Executive Women’s Association  – Los Angeles

  • UCLA Extension, Corporate Education & Custom Programs – Los Angeles

  • The University of Sydney’s Business School, Masters Program – Sydney

  • Nestle Nespresso Global Brand Community Workshop Panel – Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Australian Human Resources Institute Conference (AHRI) – Melbourne

  • The Executive Group (TEC) – Sydney, Australia

  • Ad:Tech Conference Australia – Sydney

  • Australian Association of Management (AIM) – Sydney

  • Nous Group Management Consultants – Sydney

  • Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) – New York City  & New Jersey

  • Working Mother’s Women’s Multicultural Conference – New York City

  • International Business Women’s Association – Mexico City

  • National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) Women’s Leadership Summit – New York City

  • American University’s MBA Program – Washington, DC

  • Pacific Magazines – Sydney, Australia

  • Ali Brown’s Shine Conference – Las Vegas

  • Fashion Group International Annual Regional Conference (FGI) – New York

  • Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle Conference – New York

  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) – New York

  • San Francisco State University – San Francisco

  • Cornell Club – New York


Lausanne, Switzerland

So that's the important question here. How well are you monitoring your own brand pulse? Are you paying attention to those invisible clues that are telling a story about who you are and what you do? 

Because even in today’s over-saturated landscape, people can intuitively tell whether your lights are ON or OFF. They can intuitively interpret whether you’re communicating you are who you say you are. (Or not.)

It takes a certain kind of creative courage to pay attention to how you show up and share your brand narrative. It takes mastering your own inner environment, pulling back the layers and looking closely at what you do, why you do it, why it matters __ and why anyone should give a damn. 

People want to feel they can trust you.

Imagine a world where your brand pulse is showing strong, vital signs. Imagine people hearing your message, picking up on your energy, finding it meaningful and recognizing its value.

That’s a clear signal you’re showing up like you mean it in business –and life. It’s a message that says you’re aware, mindful, and engage from a more transparent and authentic place. It says your energy, language and tone of voice are communicating your intention. This is what creates more trust. What’s more, it beckons people to lean in closer, hearts beating, eyes gleaming. 

Imagine the difference it would make in the world if we all communicated from a deep authentic place.

This is about enhancing your Brand EQ.

A vital brand pulse, of course, reflects the degree of emotional intelligence around your business and your own personal brand. It’s a significant reason why people will want to work for you, join your team or buy from you.

More than ever before, emotional intelligence and self-awareness are the 21C meta-skills for creating a compelling brand. It takes courage and the desire to be transparent.  FYI People can feel the difference.   


As speaker, Mary van de Wiel has been called a business provocateur and innovator in the brand intelligence space. As founder and creative director of her consultancy and educational advisory, Van wears many hats:-


On stage, on air, and in the boardroom, Van’s modus operandi is all about zeroing in on that irresistible spark that attracts business like crazy — with a synergistic blend of expertise, intuition and visceral questions that cut to the quick.


As moderator & workshop leader, Van invigorates audiences with stories, strategies and just the right amount of emotionally-charged provocation, and her live, on-the-spot Brand Audits are legendary.


Imagine 10 minutes on the hot seat  with your business website beamed up on the big screen, while this visual storytelling expert unpacks and critiques with dazzling speed. (FYI Never a bruised ego.)


Most popular speaking topics

1) Business Strategies: How to Check the Pulse of your Brand: Avoid Falling into the Trap of Dead Brand Walking.

2) Creativity & Innovation: Why tapping into your Creative Intelligence is your Best Strategy


3) Brand Marketing: Why Brands Fail Online: 5 Principles on Showing up Like

You Mean It


4) 21C Business Trends: Why Being the Brand Provocateur Today is Top Priority


5) Brand Behavior & Influence: Your Brand is Sending out Subliminal Messages 24/7


Her audiences include:

  • C-Suite

  • Corporate Executives

  • Small Business owners

  • Start up CEOs and entrepreneurs

  • Creative visionaries and innovators


Send Van a message:

"Nimble, imaginative, passionate, curious, truth teller -- all things that elevate a brand engagement with Mary van de Wiel -- from utterly effective to truly fabulous. Van looks at life through the lens of an artist, consultant and philosopher -- and speaks about brands in a similarly dynamic way that is just right for our hectic times."

 --- Nick Stravs, Executive Vice President International Consulting               EMEA, Weber Shandwick Switzerland

“Van is without question the most creative, energizing, and brilliant communication, marketing and brand visionary I know. She is able to zero in on on a core message and make it sing. She gets whatever the “point-of-pain” your audience might be experiencing and knows how to speak to it. What’s more, with her uncanny ability to engage, connect and captivate audiences, she invites them to co-create an unforgettable experience. Her visual and highly-individualistic acumen has a flair that captures eye and mind, at the same time. In addition to being highly talented – she’s fun and entirely pleasurable to work with. I love working with her, pure and simple.”
Janet Wigfield, Vice President, Executive Director, Conferences + Events, Working Mother Media


What to say about Van? That’s a tall order! Van is a prodigious thinker. One of those rare individuals who can effortlessly fuse creative insight and intuition with razor-edge intellect. Van is as comfortably eloquent with words as she is fluent with the language of visual communication. Succinct, sharp and always sophisticated in everything she does, Van is a true original. In short, I would have no hesitation to recommend her for any creative or branding assignment where big ideas play center stage.

Mark Rogers
RAW Design & Innovation

New York City

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“Van is one of the most energizing and engaging personalities I know. What’s more, as a speaker, interviewer or radio host, it turns out she’s an uncommonly engaging natural storyteller. It’s a gift as rare as it is wonderful. On radio, she was able to zero in and roam around my messy brain, and work so intuitively and empathically – that she extracted insights even I didn’t know were there. I give her stratospheric high points for her business acumen, style and chutzpah. Oh yes, and best of all, her contagious optimism makes her a delight to hang with and I look forward to doing again soon. Like, very soon.
–– Brian Collins, Chairman/CEO, Collins Agency, NY + SF


Van’s unique point of view and infectious energy greatly inspired the audience of women entrepreneurs at my SHINE conference.  I was delighted to have Van on my speaker roster. I offer my recommendation of her as a stellar guest speaker at your next event.

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur Mentor



Featured speaker | Ali Brown Conference for Women in Business, Las Vegas

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