You'll walk away from the NY Brand Lab workshop feeling transformed and inspired.  

Because this experience is exactly where

creativity, intention and innovation – boldly intersect.



The combined transformation and energy in

our NY Brand Lab with Van could have lit a forest on fire!  

-- Allison (Marcinczyk) Hossack

The combined transformation

and energy in our Brand Lab with Van could have lit a forest on fire!  

I’m a big Van fan.

I learned a new, fresh and exciting approach to defining who I am, what’s important to me and

how to say it in a way that will resonate, and matter, to my audience. Van’s Brand Lab teaches you how to be bold and creative,

yet professional,

when marketing your brand.


Allison (Marcinczyk) Hossack


Research & Strategy

Think Company, Philadelphia


Van has always intuitively understood that if you can communicate you are who you say you are, then you clearly have the desire and courage to find out exactly what makes you tick – so you can move forward authentically in all that do.


Of course, that means several things. It’s the willingness to dig deep, pull back the layers to tap into who you are, what you stand for and how you can share your story so others can see, feel and recognize your value.


The NY Brand Lab is designed to give you the time, space and energy to help you recognize exactly who you – so others can.  That's the magic piece here.



In a nutshell you can count on:


•  1:1 attention from Van plus a potent dose of creative insights, big concept ideas as well tapping into how to bring more meaning & purpose back into your business


• A look at what’s really going on beneath the surface of your business brand. We’ll analyze what’s working and then, what’s shooting you in the foot.  We’ll enhance the emotional intelligence behind your brand (EQ) because people today are longing to connect in a more transparent and authentic way.


The chance to revisit your values so they resonate with you and others. Being mindful and values-influenced is going to inspire, infuse and refresh your story with more meaning.


We’ll set out on the journey of discovering your WHY. After all, it’s much more meaningful that WHAT you do or HOW you do it. Because once you know your WHY, you’ll be able to reframe everything you do. People will feel the difference.


• The opportunity to reimagine and rewrite your brand story so it reveals who you are and what you stand for.  People will want to work with you because they’ll pick up on the authentic messaging that communicates you are who you say you are.


• A supportive and energizing space to plot, play, collaborate, connect and zing with like-minded people. FYI This is certainly about interaction, connection and getting useful feedback from others, too. You’ll walk away transformed by the possibilities.



Special Bonus

You'll get to sit on the hot seat for Van's signature Brand Audit where, with a laser-sharp focus, she will spot, identify and interpret the invisible clues embedded in your brand – and the best part? She'll transform them into more irresistible, heart-felt language. On the spot. 



Van's Promise

This Creative NY Brand Lab is not only going to transform your mindset, heart and soul, it’s going to boost your confidence__ because you’ll recognize and own the true value you bring to the table. You’ll know exactly what makes you different and why people will want to work with you and buy from you. What’s more, you’ll walk way with a twinkle in your eye, a spring in your step. 

Here's what we'll work on:

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1. Meaning & Purpose

Why do you do what you do? We’ll focus on bringing more meaning and purpose to everything you do — and your business. We’ll turn the lens inward on your intention, values, emotions, goals (dreams, hopes) so your messaging will resonate more with people.

2. Emotional Intelligence

You’ll focus on raising the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) around your own brand and business. It takes a willingness to connect in a more transparent and authentic way – and it’s what creates more trust. 

3. Creativity & Storytelling

You’ll start to re-image your own messaging so it has exactly the right tone and voice. This is about bringing a new kind of energy to your story. (You’ll never keep your audience at arm’s length again.)

4. Brand Behavior 

You’ll monitor the kind of messaging your brand is communicating 24/7. FYI Your brand is sending out subliminal messages whether you know it or not. 

5. Brand Influence & Reputation

You’ll learn how to manage your reputation so you stand out, and show up like you mean it. We’ll look at 21C emerging trends, neuroscience and the kind of impact this has on how you communicate. (This is about real relationship building.)

The Business of Brand Intelligence