Life, as we know it, has changed. There's no doubt about
that. That's the why behind Inspiration Brand Intel 1:1.


(Back Story) In the brand intelligence space my entire life, and
now also working as a creative director in the middle of Mexico, I set up these 1:1 sessions 
to help business professionals re-evaluate their brand right now and help them feel more exuberant about

why they're doing what they do__in our new, surreal world.


Because after launching Black Line Crazy last year, designing both the brand
and the product in Mexico, this is what I know. It's what I do. It's what I love. 

And I want to share that value, energy and dynamism
around one's own brand with others like you. That's it.



I came away from my

90-minute inspiration call with Van completely

super-charged with my mission. With Van, you’re experiencing branding therapy. Her innocuous questions reveal the answers reaching the core of your work. Then, as an entrepreneur, you move on with your business with clarity.

Caroline Stokes

Founder + CEO


You can keep skimming

the surface of complacency or you can get 90 minutes of life-changing advice. Make a decision

and make it right.

Stacey Turmel

Legal Compliance Attorney


Just like her promise to zing your brand, Van will spark your creative juices,

draw out your story,

play back your thoughts,

zone in on your essence, and it will be a blast:

A day when time will stand still and your unconscious takes form and meaning

with a clarity so obvious you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it. 


Annalie Killian

VP, Strategy & Partnerships

TED speaker

sparks  & honey

New York City




THE GOAL To help business professionals reimagine and reposition their brands in a way that's more meaningful, relevant and more purposeful to them. What's more, to feel more exuberant (along the way) when it comes to showing up more authentically.

THE FOUR THINGS you'll want to know about this:


1) What you can count on.

2) Essential reading before you make a decision.

3) Special $$$ offering. 

4) How it all works.

OK. Here goes:


1:1 attention, a potent dose of creativity, insights and ideas around how to create more meaningful, emotional messaging around your brand.  Take a look at all the issues below. Depending on what's your top priority to work on -- which we'll determine before the beginning of our session -- these are the kinds of areas we'll explore together. 



A clarified vision around your brand's behavior and business’ undeniable value. Imagine:a caffeinated jolt.

A supportive, sophisticated space to plot, play and collaborate, connect and create some bold storytelling that enhances your brand.__totally. 

Count on being challenged to see your brand through a different lens that will not only transform your mindset, it’ll boost your ability to develop a values-congruent business. 

Discover your why. After all, it’s much more meaningful than WHAT you do or HOW you do it. Because once you know your WHY, you’ll be able to reframe everything you do. PS And people will feel the difference.  BTW I interviewed Simon Sinek back in 2010 on NY Brand Lab Radio, and then spent a morning with him in NYC working on tapping into my WHY. Quite a massive life changer for me:)


The ability to zero in on that scintillating spark of yours. It's what gives your brand its own highly-idiosyncratic edge.


Keeping your clients at arm’s length? Not an option. We'll work on how to communicate that you are who you say you are. After all, people can spot a Dead Brand Walking a mile away, right? The clues? A listless energy. Lights are off. No one's at home. You get the picture, yes?


Amp up your brand's energy quotient If it's lacking luster, we'll work out what kind of energy you can bring to the table. This will impact your visibility and credibility factor. 


Look at what's really going on beneath the surface of your brand. We’ll analyze what’s working and then, what’s shooting you in the foot. We’ll enhance the emotional intelligence behind your brand (EQ) because people today are longing to connect in a more transparent and authentic way.

An emboldening strategy. Let's face it, this shift is inviting us to bring a different kind of energy to all that we’re doing. Creating an engaging & irresistible business brand – with a high emotional quotient – has never been more critical. The good news? It's going to be exactly what leads people to want to know you, trust you, hire you and work with you.

Count on your own courage to address the shift re what’s going on with your business, your world, your industry and then ask__ who am I? Why am I on this path? What I am longing for


Walk away feeling more aligned with your set of values and recognizing your true worth. 

Count on realizing this could be the only coaching you ever need.

Nimble, imaginative, passionate, expert, curious, truth teller – all things that elevate a brand engagement with Mary van de Wiel from utterly effective to truly fabulous. 


Nick Stravs


C-Matrix Communications, Lausanne, Switzerland





 1. Meaning & Purpose

Why do you do what you do?We'll focus on  bringing more meaning and purpose to everything you do. We’ll turn the lens inward on your intention, values, emotions, goals (dreams, hopes) so your messaging will resonate more deeply with people.

​2. Emotional Intelligence

When’s the last time you checked your brand pulse? You'll find out how to create more emotional messaging that hits home & resonates with your audience. We'll focus on how to inspire, connect & motivate your audience.

3. Creativity & Storytelling 

We'll reframe your brand messaging so it has exactly the right tone, voice and language. This is about bringing a different kind of energy to your story. (You’ll never keep your audience at arm’s length again.)

​4. Your Brand's Behavior

You’ll start to monitor the kind of messaging your brand is communicating 24/7. FYI  Your brand is sending out subliminal messages (whether you know it or not.) 

​5. Brand Influence & Reputation

You’ll learn how to manage your reputation so you stand out, and show up like you mean itWe’ll look at 21C emerging trends, neuroscience and the kind of impact this has on how you communicate. (This is about real relationship building.)


7 facts to wrap your head around before making a decision.

Fact 1:  Emotional intelligence and self-awareness are today’s meta-skills for creating an irresistible brand. Courage and the desire to be transparent is always going to resonate and hit home with people.  Ready to handle that?

Fact 2:  We're now having more conversations 24/7 with more people than ever before. Hello, Zoom. Imagine: thousands of snippets of dialog whirling around your brain. Are you paying enough attention to the story you're actually communicating out there? Are you minding your brand's behavior?  


Fact 3: Your values shape and define who you are, what you do and why you do it. When you can identify and champion your own values (own, live and breath them), your brand is going to be much more compelling. People will feel the difference. How are you doing on this front?


Fact 4:  We’re living in new world. Your brand now needs more clarity in order to make more meaningful connections that are actually going matter to people. How do you think your brand would score on this one?


Fact 5:   Confused minds don’t buy. So if you’re paying attention to what people are longing for and make it easy for them to work with you or buy from you__ you’re going to be way ahead of the pack. Are you offering a transformational experience? If yes, are you noticing people’s eyes gleaming? Hearts beating faster?


Fact 6:  There’s a chance your brand’s invisible clues might be shooting you in the foot and getting in the way of your business success. Ready to take a look at those invisible triggers?

Fact 7:  If you’re willing to go deep and look at recognizing your own value, it’s going to help your business brand get recognized. It’ll help get you noticed, attract clients and consulting opportunities. Willing to go deep?


These rates are the most reasonable I've ever offered because I'm keen to help business professionals more than ever right now.


When you book a session, you'll get a 'hello, thanks" email from me with four (4) questions. That information will be hugely valuable for me.  Because I'll be taking the time to investigate, review and prowl around your site/social media__sniffing the landscape for all those invisible clues (that might be shooting you in the foot!) So by the time we get on the call? I'm already prepared to dive in, No time wasted! Any questions, get in touch with

• 1 x 90 min Session $497 US

First of all, understand that you'll get a massive amount of insights, ideas and inspiration in only 90 minutes. (Just check the testimonials above.) Imagine this: if you have concerns around your brand story and messaging, logo design or social media posts, for example, I'll help you rethink your strategies, rewrite your brand story or suggest alternate design options, colors etc. But know that you'll absolutely walk away with a caffeinated jolt of energy and tools to rejuvenate your brand.


• 4 x 90 min Sessions $1,697 US *

If you take a look at the column on the far left called DETAILS: 4 X 90 MIN SESSIONS. you'll get an idea of the areas we'll be potentially covering in these sessions. Of course, it all depends on what your priority issues are. To be discussed and confirmed before we start. So we're both on the same page, of course!


Once you book your session(s), you'll receive a link to schedule a time that suits you on the calendar. I'll get the alert and an email will go out to you with a few questions. For example, I'll ask you to email me what your top issues are around your brand that are (becoming) problems for you. And one or two more questions. Short, clear and succinct works best. 

I'll then spend time prowling around your site/social media to look for the invisible clues that will inform us in our session. By the time we get on zoom, I'm already prepared and ready to get down to business ASAP. No time wasted. Our session will be recorded and you'll get the recording within the next 24 hours. That about covers it. Any questions, don't hestitate to get in touch:


Looking forward to working together!

Van is a one-off. Her creative energy is awesome. She has great style. But most importantly she really understands what makes brands tick — both on the inside and outside in
the market place.

When we worked together in Sydney, she was way ahead of the game, so it’s no surprise to me that today she is

an acknowledged leader and innovator in the global branding space.

Julian Canny

Consultant & Agency Founder

Sydney, Australia

Van’s work opened my eyes to the fact that telling a story about what we do simply isn’t enough. She helped me  realize the power of story.

She was quick to grasp both the opportunities and the challenges our business faces and has inspired me to think differently. Thanks, Van!

Carol Frohlinger, Esq. Principal Negotiating Women Inc.

New York City

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Brand Audit

(Not included in the 1:1 Intel Coaching program)

Book a 90-minute Brand Audit $1,500

The Brand Audit is one part reality check. One part strategy session. One part emotional intelligence (EQ)  assessment. Having a professional peer closely at your brand and online presence is a bit like having a checkup. I’ll ask: Where does it hurt? You’ll share your points of pain around your business or brand. And we get to work.

Pulling back the layers, we’ll zero in on that spark that gives your brand its edge. If your personal or company brand lacks luster, we’ll amp up the energy quotient. Your visibility and credibility will soar as your real narrative emerges. That's when others can see the true value you bring to the table.


Send me a message or email me at:




Mary van de Wiel
Chief Creative Officer & Founder

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