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Hi there! 

Thanks for your interest in receiving your Dead Brand Walking Playbook. Of course, it’s all about how to avoid falling into the trap of Dead Brand Walking! Click here to access it.

You see, I believe the most irresistible brands have a unique human message and that’s exactly why we pay attention to them. They resonate with us, in a very special way.

My suggestion is to start paying attention to your brand by checking the pulse of your brand. Because if your brand is lacking energy and a vital pumping pulse, people are intuitively going to stay away.

That's the message I’ve been sharing in my work for years – from leading my signature NY Brand Lab workshops across the USA, Latin America and Australia, working with corporate clients launching global businesses (airports in China; magazines in Australia; museums in the USA etc) as well as coaching start up CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives.

The DBW Playbook takes you through various steps to tap into your own brand’s core energy. It's designed to nudge you into rethinking and re-imagining your brand so you can show up like you mean it in this 21C Business Unusual landscape. So start with putting some of these success plays into practice -- and you’ll never have to worry about falling into the Dead Brand Walking trap!

Sending best wishes and look forward to hearing how these success plays work for you!

Optimistic + stay safe.


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Mary van de Wiel 

Chief Creative Officer & Founder  

+1 213-361-7500

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