What gives a brand that spark that attracts business like crazy? Why does one brand nail it while others fail? For four years, Mary van de Wiel shared the best-kept secrets to coaxing out the power in brands and interviewed guests, played with new ideas, dissected actual brands and sometimes put a willing entrepreneurs on the hot seat for her signature Brand Audit. Note: Van’s insights lean toward the unorthodox and provocative.

Simon Sinek
00:00 / 51:57

Simon Sinek · June 16, 2010
Speaker, Author, Start With Why,

Author of Start With Why, Simon's teachings are about helping more people learn to become more effective, more efficient and more inspiring by discovering how to start everything they say and do with WHY. Simon believes that if we inspire people to do the things that inspire them, one day, we will stand shoulder to shoulder and together, change the world. A good example of multicultural fusion, Simon is a sought-after speaker, global entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He has been invited to talk about the 'Golden Circle' across the US and around the world from small businesses to corporations, members of Congress to foreign ambassadors, non-profits and the Pentagon to Hollywood. Hear Simon share his extraordinarily personal journey about discovering his WHY, and his ideas about how to think, act and communicate differently in your world


Dorie Clark
00:00 / 30:04

Dorie Clark · February 29, 2012
Consultant, Author, Speaker,

Google, Yale University and the Ford Foundation, hire her to help increase sales and enhance their brand reputation. She's a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and the Huffington Post and a former presidential campaign spokeswoman. Meet Dorie Clark, author of the forthcoming Harvard Business Review Publishing book What's Next? The Art of Reinventing Your Personal Brand. FYI Dorie has taught marketing and communications and lectured at universities worldwide. She's quoted frequently in the international media - the New York Times, NPR, the BBC, and more. At age 18, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College, and two years later received a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.


Nancy Duarte
00:00 / 29:58

Nancy Duarte · April 6, 2011

Nancy Duarte is the quintessential visual storyteller. At the forefront of best practices for global business communicators, she's really, in fact, a conquistador who liberates the undiscovered, sets boundaries for safe play, and builds fortresses where dreams can be realized. For 20 years, Nancy has driven the vision and growth of her internationally respected design firm, which has created over a quarter of a million presentations. What's more, she's helped shape the perceptions of many of the world's leading brands and thought leaders. If you haven't already got your hands on her best-selling and award winning book, Slide:ology The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, it'll blow your eyes wide open. She continues to advance new forms of presentation through partnerships with innovative forums like TED and PopTech. Nancy serves as a TED Fellows committee member, is a 2009 Woman of Influence and 2008 Communicator of the Year. Nancy's next book Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences will be published by Wiley and in bookstores October 2010. Go to Make sure you spend time probing every corner. There's a spirit of generosity here when it comes to offering such massive high-quality content: It'll put a spring in your step. (FYI That's exactly what brilliantly branded sites do.)


Alex Bogusky
00:00 / 30:01

Alex Bogusky · December 11, 2013
Creative Advocate, Optimist, Dubbed Best Creative Director of the Decade - Adweek 2010            

Alex Bogusky: Creative Advocate for Doing Better.

Imagine this: If we were all glued together by a common belief. If we all believed in Doing Better. Better for our kids. Better for the planet. Better for each other. Meet Alex Bogusky and his wife, Ana Bogusky, advocates and creative activists in this new consumer revolution.

In 2010, Alex and Ana opened the doors to The FearLess Cottage, a consultancy created to help companies and non profits. It's become an informal clubhouse for insurgents in a new consumer revolution, and they believe we have the power and the tools to reshape the world again.

Alex wears many hats and clearly is passionate about many projects today. COMMON.IS is a collaborative network for rapidly prototyping social ventures under a unified brand. (They stand for Do Shit that Matters. Buy Shit that Matters.) Plus the And a heap more. On NY Brand Lab Radio, we're going to pull back the layers, find out what's in Alex's DNA, and what is it exactly that propels him on such a creative trajectory.

FYI Alex's career began 20 years ago when he joined Crispin and Porter Advertising as an Art Director, eventually becoming partner & growing the agency to more than 1,000 employees, with offices around the world and annual billings over $1 billion.

During Alex's leadership, CP+B became the world's most awarded advertising agency. Inducted into the American Advertising Federation's Hall of Achievement in 2002, and the Art Director's Club Hall of Fame in 2008, he received the rare honor of being named Creative Director of the Decade by Adweek magazine in 2010.;,


Geno Church
00:00 / 29:25

Geno Church · November 14, 2013
Chief Inspiration Officer -

Geno Church: The Art of The Passion Conversation.

No passion, no conversation. No conversation, no word of mouth. No word of mouth, no successful business.

If you think you're in the marketing business, think again. You're in the people business and in order to succeed, you need to make people fall passionately and madly in love with your organization or cause.

In recently-published The Passion Conversation by four word-of-mouth masterminds at, a highly-acclaimed word of mouth marketing and identity company, you'll find them sharing their best-kept secrets about how loving your customers will result in not just building a thriving community, it will also drive meaningful conversations and ultimately impact the financial success of a business

Meet Geno Church, one of the creative masterminds behind the book. Join us as Geno will be riffing about understanding, sparking and sustaining word of mouth marketing.


Erica Dhawann
00:00 / 27:26

Erica Dhawan · July 31, 2013
Global Thought Leader, Founder of Leadership Firm,

Own your Own Talent: Erica Dhawan on NY Brand Lab Radio:

The world is rapidly shifting. Clearly, we all have to adapt to the new brand landscape and the idea of reframing your thinking around innovation and creativity has never been more critical.

If you're looking for ways to own your own talent and come up with never-heard-of-before ideas for your business and team, join Erica on NY Brand Lab this week, and you'll hear some of her best-kept secrets about Connectional Intelligence and how to make a difference.

Erica has spoken on global stages from the World Economic Forum at Davos to Harvard, and her clients include Fedex and KPMG. Erica writes for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and the Huffington Post. She is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council, Aspen Socrates Society, and TEDx fellows. She has worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital.

She has an MPA from Harvard University, an MBA from MIT Sloan, and a BS in Economics from The Wharton School. Learn more at


Mark Eckhardt
00:00 / 28:31

Mark Eckhardt · October 24, 2013

Mark Eckhardt: On How to Inspire, Create & Innovate.

Meet Mark Eckhardt: In 2001, Mark Eckardt received an honor in recognition of being one of the best, brightest, and most inspirational leaders America has to offer. He was selected as one of "Ten Outstanding Young Americans" by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. (Former recipients include John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Al Gore, Robert Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller and Leonard Bernstein.)

Today, Mark is co-CEO of COMMON, a Boulder-based innovation lab and he joins Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg - all creative visionaries who are making thigns happen. In fact, they know about doing shit that matters. Join us as Mark shares his insights around why unleashing creativity and innovation matter today (more than ever),

Mark has worn many hats: Prior to joining COMMON.IS, Mark was a principal at UFUSE Visionary Strategy Managment, a global consulting firm devoted to unleashing creativity and helping creative entrepreneurs produce outstanding results through innovative business strategies, organizational design and alignment of partnerships. Before that, Mark was on the founding management team and Director of Client Services for Globefish Media BV, where he oversaw the mobile and digital content management for clients in the entertainment sector in the U.S. and North America.

He's also spent fifteen years as a producer, composer and performer who oversaw and contributed to projects for Fox Studios, MGM, Disney Animation, PBS, Mitsubishi, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Life/FX, Kids Save, and various record labels. He has also worked with numerous recording artists such as Whitney Houston, Bonnie Raitt and Ben Harper.

Go to or find out more at


Aaron Shapiro
00:00 / 29:42

Aaron Shapiro · November 30, 2011

If you want to thrive in the new business reality today, or just tap into who really is driving the success of your business, meet Aaron Shapiro. He is the CEO of HUGE, a digital marketing agency that helps global companies reimagine how they interact with their customers and manage their business in the online economy. As author of Users, Not Customers, Aaron asks the question 'What's the most powerful growth engine today?' His answer is users - people who interact with a company through digital media and technology even if they have never spent a dime. The key message? Become indispensable to users and the profits will follow.It's about putting the focus on user's true needs instead of trying to get people to buy stuff. The bottom line? Every company must have an effective digital strategy to survive. If not, you're toast. Go check out his agency, Prior to HUGE, he was a technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist and management consultant.


Ali Brown
00:00 / 29:57

Ali Brown · April 20, 2011
Founder, CEO, Ali International,

Ali Brown is fast becoming regarded as the voice for women and business success. As founder and CEO of Ali International, she has created a dynamic multimillion-dollar enterprise that is devoted to empowering women entrepreneurs around the world and was ranked in 2009's Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. Since launching her first venture in her tiny NYC studio apartment in 1999, she has built a following of over 50,000 members in her online and offline programs. Ali has been featured as an expert in the New York Post, Investor's Business Daily, and on TV including Fox Business Network, ABC News Now, E!, and morning shows around the country. She was named one of 2010's Enterprising Women of the Year, one of Ernst & Young's Winning Women for 2010, and a winner of the Step Up Women's Network Commitment to Philanthropy award. Ali is also a regular contributor to and was recently named "The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women" by Business News Daily. Ali's philanthropic efforts were featured in the spring 2011 season finale of ABC's hit primetime series, Secret Millionaire.


Ayse Birsel
00:00 / 30:03

Ayse Birsel · January 04, 2012
Co-Founder,, Design the Life You Love Workshops

One day, Ayse Birsel, a famous New York-based designer who divides her time between Manhattan and Dakar, decided she had to work out how to better juggle her business, her kids, and a commuter marriage. What's more, as cofounder of Birsel + Seck, a humanistic design studio known for its work for Johnson & Johnson, Hasbro, Herman Miller, HP and Target, she realized if she could use the same innovative tool she used in tackling design problems, she could re-organize her life. Last year, she launched her Design the Life You Love Workshop, and sponsored by the Academi of Life, an educational organization devoted to exploring the art of living. FYI: Ayse's work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and has received numerous awards. Ayse is a Fulbright Scholar. Check out her website for all her accolades:


Brian Collins
00:00 / 52:55

Brian Collins · March 31, 2010

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer,

Brian Collins is Chief Creative Officer of COLLINS:, a design & innovation firm dedicated to inventing brand experiences and communications that shape companies and people for the better. Prior to COLLINS:, Brian was Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of the Brand Integration Group (BIG) at Ogilvy & Mather. Collins sees brands as the ideal platform for leading the way. Now, more than ever, people want good in their lives and to do good in the world. Brian's clients have included Coca-Cola, CNN, Levi Strauss & Co., American Express, Microsoft, Motorola, Mattel, IBM,, MTV and Target. What's more, he speaks globally on design and innovation including at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and is a member of the Forum's Global Agenda Council. Don't miss this quintessential storyteller.


Danielle Marveal
00:00 / 29:56

Danielle Marveal · June 29, 2011

IN FULL DISCLOSURE: Today's radio show is one of two special segments geared to restless creatives who are looking to apply their entrepreneurial spirit to money making! So meet special guest, Etsy Seller Educator Danielle Maveal who is one of the company's first employees. With her help, Etsy is now one of the fastest-growing online creative marketplaces for handcrafted goods in the world. BONUS: In both shows, a couple of Etsy sellers are getting a live on-the-spot mini Brand Audit to help them ramp up their sales even more! But getting back to Danielle: Her family always knew she was going to be an entrepreneur. What's more, she was always making and selling things. Then she found Etsy and everything clicked. For the past four years, Danielle has been educating creative entrepreneurs via Etsy Blog posts, the Etsy Success newsletter and workshops. Go to and join one of the most creative communities for makers, buyers and sellers!


Dan Schwabel
00:00 / 40:16

Dan Schawbel · December 22, 2010
Personal Branding Expert and Author, Me 2.0,

Dubbed 'a personal branding force of nature' by Fast Company, Dan Schawbel is totally immersed in a BRAND YOU WORLD. Ready to build your own personal brand and your company's brand so you can stand out and shine? Meet Dan Schawbel, the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y and founder of The Personal Branding Blog which is now the #1 resource for personal branding online. Dan teaches you how to create your career and command your future, using the personal branding process, as outlined in Me 2.0. Find out how to position yourself for success, get known for your passion and expertise, and create a name for yourself. After all, in the digital age, your name is the only currency! Go to for video podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much and much more.


Dr. Bob Deutsch
00:00 / 30:23
Dr. Bob Deutsch
00:00 / 29:31

Dr Bob Deutsch · August 28, 2013
Author, Cogntive Anthropologist,,

Meet Dr. Bob Deutsch: Cognitive anthropologist & author of The 5 Essentials: Using Your Inborn Resources To Create a Fulfilling Life:

There couldn't be a better time for this book. As we face unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change, it's more important than ever that you know who you are. The 5 Essentials will help make this possible in revelatory new ways.Through Dr. Deutsch's keen anthropological eye for "deep universals," he shows us that we each have, in our own way and on our own scale, the ability to live lives as rich and vibrant as we can imagine.

Bob Deutsch, Ph.D., has spent nearly three decades researching this question, and he has found that each of us has five inborn resources - curiosity, openness, sensuality, paradox, and self-story - that when used optimally can lead to extraordinary levels of self-expansion.

Dr. Deutsch calls these tools essentials because they are resident in all of us, because they are central to our being, and because they go a long way toward providing us clues to who we really are.

Find out more:


Dr. Nick Morgan, Ph.D
00:00 / 26:08

Dr. Nick Morgan, Ph.D · October 20, 2010
Speaker, Author and Founder of

If you want to raise your game, Nick Morgan, Ph.D is your man. One of the country's top communication theorists and teachers, his company, Public Words, helps people tell their stories. His latest book is Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma, and today, you'll find out why every business leader needs authenticity more than ever before, why charisma is key to every business communication today, and why the art of decision making is largely an emotional process. Nick has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for CEOs & presidents. He has coached people to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show, and to take on the investment community. He has worked widely with political and educational leaders, and has also helped prepare keynote speeches for design conferences around the world.


Elaine Pofeldt
00:00 / 50:59

Elaine Pofeldt · April 28, 2010
Writer, Editor and Online Editorial Consultant

Since 2007, Elaine Pofeldt has been straddling two worlds. She's a freelance writer and editor. What's more, as an online editorial consultant creating compelling, high-traffic website for her clients, Elaine has leveraged her experience in building to 2-to 5-million page views a month, and the #2 site in Google after the U.S. Small Business Administration! Elaine writes a blog for about small business, and her latest posting is "The secret to entrepreneurial endurance!" In a former corporate life, Elaine spent eight years at FORTUNE Small Business magazine. Most recently as a senior editor at FSB, Elaine was twice nominated for the National Magazine Award for her features, and she founded the magazine's business plan competition. She's been published in Forbes, E Magazine, CBS Moneywatch, Crain's New York Business, Good Housekeeping, Working Mother,and Publishers Weekly and has appeared on MSNBC's "Your Business." Plus heaps more. Don't miss Elaine's unusual perspective on all things entrepreneurial.


Gemma Craven
00:00 / 29:58

Gemma Craven · October 26, 2011

Senior Vice President | NY Group Head, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

Brands are becoming more human. But what does the humanization of brands actually mean? So if you want to humanize your brand or company, what do you do? Meet Gemma Craven. As SVP/NY Group Director at Ogilvy's 360 Digital Influence Group, Gemma is an expert in the world of advising clients on the development of community, conversation and reaching key influencers online. She's worked in the digital space with the world's top brands, and now leads client relationships with Gap, DuPont and IKEA. Find out why consumers (you and me) are demanding this more human approach. Follow Gemma @gemsie.


Jeff Shesol
00:00 / 28:51

Jeff Shesol · February 9, 2011
Author, Partner, West Wing Writers,

Jeff Shesol is an accidental speechwriter. In 1997, President Clinton read Mutual Contempt, Jeff's book on the Lyndon Johnson-Robert Kennedy feud, and invited Jeff to become a White House speechwriter. Jeff, at that point, had written exactly one political speech in his life. During his three years at the White House, Jeff became the Deputy Chief of Presidential Speechwriting and took the lead in drafting the State of the Union Address, the President's 2000 convention speech, and the Farewell Address. Jeff also helped lead the President's team of humor writers, a team that produced the Clinton comedy video, "The Final Days." Now, as a partner at West Wing Writers, one of the most prestigious firms in the country, Jeff joins us from Washington DC to share his secrets about the art of telling a story and the power of transforming an audience. His book, Mutual Contempt, a New York Times Notable Book and a Washington Post Critic's Choice was also called "the most gripping political book of recent years," by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Jeff continues to publish widely under his own byline, appearing frequently on television and radio.


Jonathan Fields
00:00 / 29:31

Jonathan Fields · September 7, 2011
Entrepreneur, Author, Innovator,

Quintessential entrepreneur Jonathan Fields is a man who wears many hats. For starters, he's author of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brlliance. What's more, he's a giddy dad, husband, New Yorker, serial wellness-industry entrepreneur, author, recovering S.E.C./mega-firm hedge-fund lawyer, slightly-warped, unusually-stretchy, spiritually-inclined, obsessed with creation, small-biz and online marketing consultant and venture partner, book-marketer, professional speaker, copywriter, entrepreneur-coach, yoga-teacher, columnist, once-a-decade hook-rug savant, blogger and career renegade™...gone wild. Join us as we explore his world of being an entrepreneur, how to make things happen in life, living + business and be warned: I'm going to invite him to dare you to go out of your comfort zone. Go check out and


Laura Belgray
00:00 / 41:48

Laura Belgray · September 1, 2010
Owner, CEO, Creative Director,

Do you know how to stop people in their tracks? Well, Laura Belgray knows. She's an expert attention-grabber and rule-breaker. She is owner, CEO, Creative Director, VP of Iced Coffee (and Everything Else) at her NY-based company, Talking Shrimp, Inc. For fifteen years, she's created attention-grabbing, award-winning branding and advertising (aka promos) for major networks including NBC, Nickelodeon, Bravo, USA, TV Land, TBS, and many more. In 2008, she formed Talking Shrimp, a go-to resource for copy and creative services. Talking Shrimp continues to serve up killer scripts and concepts for TV promos, but also provides web copy and other nuggets of writing for a range of entrepreneurs, companies, and regular folk. Today, her greatest challenge remains turning off the TV so she can write stuff for TV. Check Laura's site now:


Liz Lange
00:00 / 31:52

Liz Lange · January 26, 2011
Fashion Designer, Founder of Liz Lange Maternity, Liz Lange for Target, Completely Me by Liz Lange for HSN

Meet Liz Lange. She's dressed every pregnant celebrity under the sun (Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Williams, Teri Hatcher, Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow.) She's the quintessential retail pioneer who first started designing a line for soon-to-be-mothers that hugged their expanding bellies when others were working to hide them. Stretch fabric was, clearly, her thing. Her business exploded into a multi-million dollar empire (she sold it in 2007.) She now has an entire maternity clothing department at every Target location and She recently launched her first ever non-maternity line, Completely Me by Liz, sold exclusively for She is the author of Liz Lange's Maternity Style, speaks around the country to women's group and entrepreneurs. FYI is her recently launched website/daily e-newsletter which she started with her sister, and it's all about women's fashion and shopping! Find out how Liz Lange created a totally irresistible brand.


Marie Forleo
00:00 / 29:18

Marie Forleo · September 28, 2011
CEO, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Author,

If you're concerned you need to work on bringing more hustle, heart and desire to make a difference, meet Marie Forleo. Marie teaches women entrepreneurs how to live Rich, Happy & Hot. She reaches over 40,000 women with her weekly videos and dynamic mastery training programs. Marie was recently interviewed by Tony Robbins for his DVD program, The New Money Masters, and mentored young business owners at Richard Branson's Center of Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Marie's mission is to empower women with tools to achieve financial, emotional and spiritual freedom, and have a damn good time along the way. As an author, speaker, former Nike Dance Athlete and Wall Street trader, this born 'n' bred Jersey girl defies conventional wisdom every step of the way. Find out more about Marie:


Mark Rodgers
00:00 / 38:41

Mark Rodgers · September 8, 2010
Managing Partner & Consumer Psychologist,

Did you know most business owners rarely take a close look inside their brands? Don't miss consumer psychologist, researcher and creative strategist Mark Rodgers as he roams around the inner sanctums of business brands. He views every business as a highly-functional organism. By definition, that means your business brand wants to grow, expand and thrive. Are you creating the right conditions for that growth? Find out if your brand is functioning effectively (or perhaps dysfunctionally.) As managing partner of Raw branding agency in NYC, Mark enjoys the process of brand-building, from scouring the consumer landscape for unique and differentiating insights to helping creative teams and clients arrive at successful, revenue driving ideas for brands. Formerly the President of Blue Marlin USA, Mark has also worked as a senior executive in a number of highly influential branding agencies, including Pearlfisher, Landor Associates, JKR and Coley Porter Bell, with clients as diverse as Audi, Bausch & Lomb, Hewlett Packard, Hershey Foods, Sony Ericsson, GAP, Unilever and more. Check out his site:


Michael Margolis
00:00 / 30:19

Michael Margolis · April 27, 2011
Dean, Story University. Founder, Get Storied, Curator, Reinvention Summit,

How fascinating are you when you tell your own brand story?! Meet Michael Margolis. For the past decade, he's taught change-makers and innovators how to get others to believe in their story. Recently, Michael's interests got a bit more personal, exploring the dreaded About Me page and how we define ourselves through social media. As the Dean of Story University, Michael teaches online courses including The New About Me: how to reinvent your bio as a story. In 2009, Michael launched Get Storied, an education and publishing company on a mission to democratize storytelling. Michael also curates the Reinvention Summit, a virtual conference on the future of storytelling. His work and ideas have been featured in Fast Company, BrandWeek, PSFK, and Storytelling Magazine. His book, Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators is available on, or for free as a digital download. Find out more:


Sally Hogstead
00:00 / 50:15

Sally Hogshead · January 19, 2011
Speaker, Author & Brand Innovation Consultant,

Can you actually articulate what's so fascinating about you, your brand or your business? If you can, you're ahead of the game. What's more, if you know your {F} Score, you're going to be more alluring and captivating to your audience than the rest of the pack. The best part? You're transforming the way you do business. Meet brand innovation leader Sally Hogshead. She's on a mission to help you tap into what makes you and your business fascinating, and then, how to leverage those innate qualities to make more persuasive marketing messages. At the forefront of her industry, Sally works with global brands to determine how to use their unique fascination triggers to form stronger bonds with consumers in a world with the attention span of a goldfish. As speaker, brand consultant and author of 'Fascinate,' she's on the cutting edge when it comes to the anatomy of fascination. OK. What makes you so fascinating? Take Sally's {F} Score Personality Brand Test, follow Sally on Then, go buy her book.


Hitendra Wadhwa
00:00 / 30:03

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa · October 16, 2013
Institute of Personal Leadership, Columbia University,

Redefining the Practice of Leadership (Moment to Moment):

The new approach to leadership is about mastering your inner landscape: It's understanding who you are, why you do what you do - and how you can bring more meaning and purpose to the business table - and to your whole life.

Meet Professor Hitendra Wadhwa, founder of The Institute for Personal Leadership which helps individuals approach their highest potential by pursuing self-mastery & maximizing their impact in life and leadership.

Hitendra Wadhwa is Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where he teaches MBA and Executive Education courses on Personal Leadership, Strategy Consulting Skills, and Marketing Strategy. He also consults & provides executive training at American Express, Best Buy, Estee Lauder, JP Morgan Chase and Pfizer. Recipient of Columbia Business School's Lear Award, and the Most Dynamic and Engaging Professor Award from the Columbia Marketing Association. In the past, he has been a Consultant at McKinsey & Company, the Founder/CEO of Paramark, a technology startup. Prof. Wadhwa earned an M.B.A. & a Ph.D. in Management Science from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Megan Kent
00:00 / 59:18

Megan Kent · March 10, 2010

What's one of the best-kept secrets to creating a successful business? Top brand strategist and author of soon-to-be-published Brand Synchronicity, Megan Kent talks about how to get your brand in alignment with the natural wiring of the brain. Megan's at the forefront of all things neuroscience so you'll find out how to create intuitively satisfying customer experiences for your brand. Plus the latest findings in conscious (and subconscious) ways of doing biz. Once you get your head around your own brand's synchronicity, you're on your way.