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Black Line Crazy took Van by the hand and led her down a path she could never have imagined.

When Mexico drew her back in 2016, it opened its arms and became a magical place — a creative incubator, too —where unexpected opportunities kept popping up. The colors of Mexico stunned her. So did the sound of roosters, church bells ringing and fireworks exploding in the middle of the night.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel de Allende has a gift of serendipity. Things in life seamlessly fall into alignment there. 

It’s certainly been a magical experience unfolding right in front of her eyes — meeting artisans, creatives, makers and master weavers. It's been an expansive time.


No wonder she keeps interpreting Black Line Crazy across different mediums, textures and platforms. From her giclée prints to designer totes and messenger bags, digitally printed fabrics, home furnishings and lighting, Van's list just just keeps getting longer. She relishes in walking outside the line.

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