Caution: This program is life changing.

If you're longing for your business, brand and culture to thrive

and light you up? Shift your thinking.

Be bold. Defy conventions.

Then dare to walk outside the line.

BTW It's the best way to avoid falling into the trap of Dead Brand Walking.






Van looks at life through the lens of an artist, consultant and philosopher – and looks at brands in a similarly dynamic way that is just right for

our hectic times.

From the heart, her energy and creativity infuse all her work for the brands and the communities

they serve. Her outlook is also shaped by a career of amazing leadership appointments. Any brand will be the better for meeting her.

Nick Stravs, Principal

C-Matrix Communications Lausanne,  Switzerland

6 Week Program: Dare to Walk Outside the Line.


Concerned your brand might be on auto pilot? Dysfunctional perhaps or irrelevant? You might have already fallen into the Dead Brand Walking trap.


We're living in particularly surreal times, I know.  So as your accountability partner, together we'll restore your brand, organization and culture by bringing a more vibrant and exuberant purpose and meaning back to the table. There's only one catch. You can't be risk averse.

If you're willing, poised and keen to look at why you do what you do and why anyone should give a damn, then we're ready to get going. If you'd welcome a life-changing jolt and eclectic insights that regularly come up in this intensive program, then you're in the right space. How does that sound for starters?! Let's do this. More information on the COACHING page!